Do not have to shave hair, one month later.
Flashing light treatment improves skin quality.

Have you ever …

“Even if I shave hair frequently, it grows and feels scratchy.”

“After waxing, the hair grows more! so many ingrown hairs.”

“I feel uncomfortable showing my underarms.”

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IPL hair removal treatments!
The hair will fall out in 10 days

Why the hair come out naturally?

hair fall out flow

The flashing light energy is absorbed by the black pigment of the hair. Hair growth stops. Then the hair will fall our naturally after one week.

The flashing light treatment is effective after the hair grows back as possible as thick, dark and have a lot of hair. Because it is easy to absorb flashing light energy.

How often should take hair removal treatment?

schedule ipl hair removal

Once for every two months(one month for the face part). Then,
“Wow, hair does not grow back again for a while!”
“Compared with half a year before, the hair was thinner and lighter!”

The period during no shaving terms has gradually become longer. You can spend comfortably every day, just need hair removal treatment only twice a year. Your skin gets moisturized, and gradually turns into beauty.

How long does it take to complete hair removal?

There are many people who do not have to shave half a year, can spend comfortably every day after 6 sessions.
There are some people who need shaving every 4 months even after 12 sessions.
*We do not know how many sessions exactly you need to finish hair removal completely, it depends on the person.

Three different features from other Salon…

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We select and use the best hair removal machine from four kinds of machines according to hair quality and body part.

✔If it’s thick hair, we are going to use quick shot machine.

✔If it’s thin hair, we are going to use high power machine.

✔Even if it’s thin hair, you can feel the changes every time.

*We can NOT give flashing light treatment for darker skin person.

1.Treatment will be completed immediately.

If you have wide body parts with thick hair, we use a new high speed machine.

2.The number of times flashing lights is lower and the times feel pain is less.

We use a machine with a large irradiation surface, for the wide body parts.

3.Give a shot to the whole skin with no gaps.

We use a small irradiation surface machines for the face and the small body parts.

We had over 1,000 clients from 17 countries for 10 years in Yokosuka.

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Great service! I am happy with results.

Frequently asked questions…

Please shave yourself the day before you coming. If your skin is not so strong, you’d better to shave hair two days before taking treatment. To get back your skin good condition when you take treatment. We are going to shave body parts that you can not shave yourself, such as your back.
If you are plucking hair or waxing, there is no effect. Please visit our salon after one or more month since you stopped plucking hair or waxing.

For the first time, it takes about 30 minutes by counseling only. It takes just 20 minutes for underarms hair removal, also it takes about 40 minutes for below knee on your both legs. If your hair thinner, it will take more time, because we have to use a high power hair removal machine. It takes time to charge the energy.

The pain depends on the amount of hair, the thickness, and the body part. Usually hitting ruby, it seems like a flickering pain. We would say “No pane, no gain”.

Of course, she can take treatment. However, because of the influence of the hormone unbalance, it is easy to to grow up hair.

Yes, the staff is going to explain in English. It is a man though. The only women who gives your treatment.

Price list for the ladies and our location…

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 By each size S, M, L, We have three charge systems at 1 session.
Established Price is  Under arms only: 4,730JPY., Below Knee only: 11,990JPY., Under arms and Below knee: 15,620JPY.

No.S sizeM sizeL size
1Under armsAbove elbows &ShouldersUpper back
2Back of hands and fingersBelow elbowsLower back
3Instep and toesNecklineChest
4KneesBikini linesBelly
5NipplesShouldersBelow knees
6Around NavelWaistUpper knees
7Glabella Hips &Waist
1 session3,630 JPY7,260 JPY10,890 JPY
4 parts 1 session11,616 JPY
23,232 JPY
34,848 JPY
7 parts 1 session17,787 JPY
35,574 JPY
53,361 JPY
  • 1,100JPY is applied every time as a counseling fee.
  • You can change the body part to the same size part. When you want changing the body part to the different size part,M size←→S size*2, L size←→S size*3, L size*2←→M size*3
HILO yokosuka entrance

Next to SoftBank on Mikasa Shopping Street
Open: 10:00-18:00(Thu&Fri -20:00)
Holiday: Sunday&Monday
TEL: 046-827-6042

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Why don’t you take IPL hair removal by Japanese machine next week?

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Get cosmetic gift 1,000JPY Ticket!!

If you take more than 4 parts hair removal at first visit.

    Arm pitsThighShin and calfKneesTricepsForearmsShouldersHipsBackChestStomachFinger/ Hand hairToe/ Foot hairCollarAround the nippleV/ Bikini lineIO line/ GroinAround the belly buttonUnder the belly buttonFull facialUpper lipsChinSideburnsAround the mouthPartial facial

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