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Easy! Loofah lotion care at home!

You can do face care yourself every day with this lotion set!

There are so many questions from the customer who can’t go out!

Is there any kind of easy way for me to care my face everyday?

To this kind of customers
we have very easy and effective way!!

Which is;
Facial pack with luffa lotion.

Soak the 100% organic cotton face mask sheet in the luffa lotion.
Put it on your face and lie down for 5 minutes.

Very pleasant, effective for whitening.

For hundreds of years,
Japanese women have taken care of their face
with loofah lotion.

It has a naturl power to keep misture and whitening.


2 bottles*loofah lotion and organic cotton face pack*20 sheets

For the detals,please access to HILO online shop…
Loofah lotion face care set

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Let’s fight against the Virus!!
We do all the best
and support your health as possible as we can.

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