Spot, wrinkle, sagging improves by skin cell power itself. Looks ten years younger!

Photo is effective for spots, wrinkles, and sagging.

“I’ve got sunburn again.”
“Recently, I concerned about spots below eyes.”
“I saw a mirror, I found a small wrinkle.”

“Makeup is getting thicker.”
“Recently, it takes time to make up.”

have to go to Beauty Salon

The beauty technique that can solve those troubles is “photo facial”.
Flashing light energy activates skin cells, eliminating spots, wrinkles and sagging.

Three different features from other Salon.

We, salon HILO uses a photo machine that is as effective as the clinic. *BUT We can NOT give flashing light treatment for darker skin person.

1. Strong light and effective light wavelength.

Feel a little bit painful when flashing lights. It feels like repelled with rubber.
When you receive a laser at the clinic, you’ll have quite painful.

2. You can make up after the treatment.

The treatment is completed in a short time. You can makeup and go back home.

3. Feel lightly finished, natural feeling and very good touch.

We use 100% natural organic cosmetics. You will be healed by the smell of cosmetics.

Japanese Organic cosmetics

Why the spot come out after photo treatment?

Principle of the Photo Facial(1/2)

Absorb light energy against mainly melanine in skin surface (the cause for spot).
It seems that the spot has become darker.

Melanine absorbing energy is treated as foreign matters within the skin inner and begins to discharge into the skin surface.

Old skin will come off and reborn as new skin with turnover.


Skin Turn over

Normally, spots become lighter than before, but sometimes become darker one month later.
However it will become lighter if you continue the treatment. Because it is temporary.

For dark color spots or blackish wart-shaped protrusions, it gets darker immediately after light irradiation. Also it comes out skin surface naturally in a few days.

It will not disappear like an eraser only one time. It gradually becomes light in 3 to 6 times.
*With photo facial, we can not fundamentally eliminate the cause of spots.

Why the wrinkles and sags improve?

Principle of the Photo Facial(2/2)

Light energy is absorbed by hemoglobin. And the capillary temperature rises.

Fibroblasts are activated. Fibroblasts produce collagen.

Collagen is produced. The moisture content of the skin and elasticity also increases.


Improvement of Wrinkle

Wrinkles, sagging, and fine lines will be inconspicuous.

When light is applied to fibroblasts, the temperature of fibroblasts raises cause of the thermal energy.
This is the only medically proven method of producing collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.
There are also drinks and supplements that contain collagen. Even if we drink or eat a lot, fibrocytes are not become activated.

Treatment and Price

Flow of the treatment

We will briefly explain the flow of the photo facial treatment.

1. Make off/Washing face
Make off your face with cleansing oil.
Wash your face with facial cleanser according to your skin quality.
We try do not off the sebum as much as possible, make your face clean.
wash face

Oil makes float makeup and make off easier.

2. Check your skin condition
Measuring moisture and tone color, we will tell you the condition of the skin and the order of the treatment. We decide the power of the flashing light.
Moist checker

Check skin moister.

3. Flashing Light irradiation and cooling
Cool your face with a cold towel or cold ice pack. Then put and spread cold gel.
Wearing goggles to protect your eyes from light, we start irradiate the flashing light.
Wipe off gel and remove goggles. Depend on the skin reaction, cooling down one to ten minutes.

irradiate flashing light

4.Put organic cotton mask and iontophoresis
We apply Vitamin C and horse placenta. Then iontophoresis with organic 100% cotton mask.

Ultrasonic peeling and Iontophoresis

5. Moisturizes and soothes & head massage
Calm down the hot face skin with a mask, which condensed with 100% natural lavender. Please enjoy 100% natural incredible fragrance and head massage.
100% Organic Cotton Mask

100% Organic Cotton Mask

6. After care
We put the best lotion and keep moisture depend on the skin reaction.
Please check your face by the mirror and you can make up if you need. There is UV milk and foundation on the make-up table.
finish treatment

Finish with essence/cream

Price lists

1session 22,000JPY +Tax. 80min.(110min. when first time visit) for the time required, treatment time 60 minutes.

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Body hair removalFace hair removalPhoto facialUltrasonic PeelingIontophoresisHerb Peeling

Frequency of take treatment

Once for every 28 to 40 days, in accordance with your skin turnover.
*18 days after menstruation is best for the treatment day, from the viewpoint of female hormone.


Q. Do I have to bring something?
A. Please bring make up cosmetics. If you come to our salon in sunny daytime, please bring parasol or hat. If you ware Contact lenses and want to take those off during treatment, please bring those cases.

Q. Do I have to buy something?
A. Please tell us the cosmetics in use by counseling. If you need, we can tell you the difference between ours and your cosmetics. We will show you cosmetics for your skin condition. We sell products only if you wants.

Q. If I get sunburn before treatment, what should I do?
A. Sometimes we can not give our treatment depending on your skin condition. Also, if your skin darker, the more you get painful.

Q. Can I take hair removal treatment at the same time?
A. If you want hair removal on your face, you can NOT have a treatment on the same date with photo facial. Please come after 1 week or more. Please come our salon every month and have hair removal or photo facial.

Treatments used in combination depending on the condition

A. Stagger on your skin or Dirt in pores: Ultrasound peeling.
B. Dry skin or dull skin: Ion introduction.
C. Stains in the deep skin layer remain: Lymphatic Facial, Body Lymph Drainage, Head Massage.
D. Stress or poor circulation: Head massage, Far infrared mat, Warm animal law.