Works for Acne also Crater, Light spot, Dark hair hole.

Any skin trouble, Improves skin quality.

“I have a acne problem every month.”
“I want to get improve acne crater.”
“When I watch my face by the mirror, I realized that I have dark hair holes!”
“My face is always redness.”
I have to fix this as quick as possible

Our Micro needle and Herb Peeling solves these troubles. This facial treatment improves skin quality 100%.

Herbal ingreedients improve skin quality. It stimulates the cells of the skin.
Also micro needle enhances the self-regeneration ability of the cells, and improves skin troubles itself.

Why improves skin quality for the person who has skin trouble?

We are using a Japanese herb and Micro needle/Spicule.
The steps of the treatment.

Step 1

First apply the herbal extracts, then massage while applying the spicule serum. The spicules containing the herbal ingredients will sting the surface of the skin, allowing the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

Step 2

When Spicule stimulates the cells, they are activated and collagen and elastin are produced. The cells try to push the foreign substances out of the skin and regeneration power is promoted. The old skin is then peeled off naturally.

Step 3

The spicule will naturally fall off along with the dead skin cells. Feel tingling in the next morning, but it’s going to disappear after three days. Because of the turnover will be accelerated, your skin may have white powder on it.

Step 4

After a few more days, the dead skin cells and blemishes will be removed. Your skin will be reborn with a flawless texture and moisturized skin with firmness and luster.

The five ingredients in the herbal powder

The herb powder is produced on the herb farm of the Institute of Kampo Medicine in Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.

Atopy improvement, astringent, antibacterial, blood circulation promotion, pigmentation suppression, whitening, anti-slackness
Turnover improvement
It improves metabolism, regulates turnover, reduces inflammation, and improves rough skin from the inside.
Urtica davidiana
Whitening action
Rich in the whitening ingredient arbutin
Water retention effect
Improvement of skin roughness, elasticity and firmness, improvement and prevention of acne and pimples, improvement of blemishes and dullness, normalization of turnover
Detoxification sterilization and anti-inflammatory action
Bactericidal action, detoxification action, anti-inflammatory action, acne control, peeling effect, melanin decomposition, detoxification effect, astringent action, anti-dullness, whitening effect, improving skin texture
Features of Spicule /Micro needle powder
The powder contains microneedles and silica (silicon dioxide). Silica is a natural ingredient that is rich in vitamins and minerals. The microneedles are made from spongia.

In Europe, spongia/spicules have long been used in folk medicine to treat acne. In herbal peels, powdered spongia/spicules are used as “freshwater sponges,” which are green or gray in color. However, low-purity spongia/spicules contain a lot of impurities, and there is a risk of allergies and bacterial infections.

Therefore, we use highly pure hydrolyzed spongia/spicules, which have been hydrolyzed using advanced purification techniques.
The spicules are sterilized and free of impurities such as branches, floating plants, bacteria, and parasites or floating organisms in the water.

The high purity hydrolyzed sponge is
0.2 mm in length (almost the thickness of the epidermis)
0.025mm in thickness (about 1/3 of a hair)
1g contains 200,000 spines = micro acupuncture needles!

Treatment and Price

Flow of the treatment

Please take off every metal staff, such as accessories you wear, and lay down on the bed.

1.Make off/Washing face
Make off your face with cleansing oil.
Wash your face with facial cleanser according to your skin quality.
We try do not off the sebum as much as possible, make your face clean.
wash face

Float the makeup with oil, then remove it.

2.Check your skin condition
Measure moisture and tone color.
We will tell you the condition of your skin and the treatment procedure.
Moist check

Check the moist.

3.Spread herbs
We spread herbs all over your face so that it gets into your pores.
We will check the reaction of your skin.
Herbal Treatment

Spread herbs to the full face

4.Spicule Treatment
The spicules are introduced into the skin while massaging your face so that the spines pierce the epidermis. You will feel a rough sensation as if you are being rubbed with sandpaper.
*In the case of only Herbal treatment, this process is not available.
Spicule Treatment
Spicule Treatment
5. Face Pack & Head Massage
To calm down your skin, we put lavender face pack. You will feel sleepy.
head massage

Head massage

6.After skin care
We put lotion and keep moisture depend on the skin reaction.
Please check your face by the mirror and you can make up if you want. There is UV milk and foundation on the make-up table.

Finish with essence/cream


17,600 JPY/session, 90min.(120min. when first time visit) for the time required, treatment time 70 min.,
We can propose packages if you need.

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    1. Immediately after the treatment and the following day, your skin may tingle when you touch it (or wear a mask or glasses). You may also feel heat when you wear a mask or the next morning due to the penetration of the herbal ingredients.
    2. After the treatment, your face may feel hot, pimples, redness, swelling, and itching. The skin may peel off like a white powder for up to 3 days after the treatment. The condition usually settles down in about 5 days.
    3. It is better to go home with no make-up on the day of the treatment and take a shower only without washing your face. When washing your hair, be careful not to get shampoo on your face. The next morning, wash your face gently with water or warm water, and if you do not feel any discomfort, you can makeup.
    4. Your skin will be in a more sensitive state after the treatment. Your skin may be more sensitive to sunburn and strong stimuli. Your skin may also become more sensitive to sunburn and strong stimuli.

    Frequency of take treatment

    If you take three sessions once for every 3 weeks, you feel the changes the quality of your skin very much.


    Q.Can I get treatment with any skin condition?
    A. If you take the laser of the clinic, it is better to take after 3 months or more later. If you receive flashing light hair removal or photo treatment, it would be better for you to take treatment after 2 weeks or more.

    Q.Do I feel any pain or itching?
    A. No pain but sometimes you feel warm or itch. After the treatment, it smells herbs for 2 days and also your skin dries.
    It is rare but you might have acne, redness, swelling. This reaction called Detox. Detox is a reaction that occurs when trying to put bacteria or toxins out of the body.
    Usually it go away within tree days. If you continue the treatment, the detox reaction will not happen.

    Q.Do I need prepare or bring something?
    A. We have a natural foundation but if you necessary please bring make up tools. If you put contact lens and want to take off during treatment, please bring a case of contact lens.

    Q.Do I need to buy your cosmetics?
    A. If you tell us which cosmetic products you are using, we will explain the difference between our cosmetics and yours.We can explain the cosmetics for your skin tye.If you think that you need our organic cosmetics, we will sell our products.

    Treatments used in combination depending on the condition

    A.Stagger on your skin or Dirt in pores: Ultrasound peeling.
    B.Stains in the deep skin layer remain: Lymphatic Facial, Body Lymph Drainage, Head Massage.
    D.Stress or poor circulation: Head massage, Far infrared mat, Warm animal law.