About preparation and your skin condition

Questions about preparation and your skin condition

Q.Do I have to bring clothes to change?
A.We have a lap rope and paper pants etc for you. You do not have to bring clothes.

Q.Is there anything I need to prepare or bring?
A. If you take facial treatment, please bring a makeup tools.

Q.I am pregnant, can I receive the treatment?
A.It’s possible to take treatment, but please contact us before coming.

Q.I am a man, can I take the treatment?
A.Of course, you can take treatment.

Q.Can I bring my child?
A.We can babysitting depend on times, so please contact us.

Q.Can I take treatments at the same time, such as friends or boyfriend?
A.There is a case that we give treatment each one by one. But come to our salon together with you and your friend please.

Q.I go to the hospital but can I take counseling?
A.You can take counseling. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Counseling fee is 3000 yen.

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