About time and place

Question about time and place

Q.Is there a parking lot?
A.There is no private parking lot. If you park your car at “PiPo 320”, we will give you a 1 hour free service voucher. “Pipo 320” is underground opposite the post office.

Q.Do I need making a reservation?
A.Yes please. When you visit us without making a reservation, you might wait for 1 hour or more, so please make a reservation in advance as much as possible.

Q.If I’m late for my appointment time, can I receive the treatment?
A. If you are late for more than 10 minutes you can not receive the treatment or we may shorten the procedure. Another customer may be booked next to your appointment.

Q.Can I get treatment even if not open hours?
A.Please consult us. We will open as much as possible.

Q.How long will it take?
A. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes by counseling for the first time. Depending on the treatment, I think it will take about 2 hours if it is a facial. Hair removal for Underarms, it takes 1 hour for the first session. Since second session it takes just 20 minutes.

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