Hydrogen Suction

H2 Gas is going to get improve your any trouble.

Try to remove Active oxygen in your blood pipe.

Do you have one of those trouble?

– Cold hands or toes.
– Legs are crunchy in the evening.
– Eyes tired, lazy, tired

– Can’t sleep well. Can’t go to sleep
– The fat around my stomach
– Constipation

– I’ve got spots and wrinkles
– Allergy or atopic dermatitis
– Increasing hair loss

– Easy to hangover
– High blood sugar
– High blood pressure

These are what are said to be lifestyle-related diseases.
Does not improve easily.

But, there is an easy way to eliminate this cause.

Just suck hydrogen gas with the air

Simply inhale hydrogen with air through the nose for about 30 minutes.

Just inhaling air contain 4% hydrogen,
It can reduce the “bad” active oxygen that causes aging and disease.

Why get improve?

Bad active oxygen is damages normal cells. It causes aging and disease.
Reactive oxygen is not only responsible for spots and wrinkles, but also associated with any disease.

Just by inhaling hydrogen, hydrogen (H2) combines with bad active oxygen: hydroxyl radical (OH). And it becomes water (H2O). Finally it is excreted from the body.

H2(hydrogen) + 2 OH(Active oxygen) = 2 H2O(Water)

Hydrogen has no side effects because it does not react to “good” active oxygen.

When you inhale hydrogen

You can see the capillaries at your fingertips before inhalation with microscope. Many people have stopped blood flow.
If you inhale for 30 minutes, you can see the blood begin to flow.

*After 60 minutes, you may want to go to the bathroom.

<On TV news caster’s blood>
Before inhaling hydrogen, I collected blood and observed it by microscope. It was full of active oxygen.

Sixty minutes after inhaling the hydrogen, I collected the blood and observed it under a microscope. It was just beautiful platelets!

Blood type changes

Blood type improve clear

Hydrogen inhalation is a method that can efficiently take hydrogen into the body.
Hydrogen inhalation is being actively adopted in medical research.

We have introduced a safe and high-purity hydrogen inhaler: the H2 aroma generator.

It is also used in clinics. It can be used for long hours, so it can be used for bedridden patients.
H2 aroma generator

First time Trial!!

It’s very effective, if you take twice a week. After one months, the effect will last even if you take once a week.

Opening campaign!!

1,650 JPY/ Up to 1 hour!
The first time trial, it cost 550JPY for your cannula.
Total it’s only 2,200JPY!!

Depending on the treatment, you can inhale H2 during treatment. It cost only 550JPY.

We are waiting for your reservation.
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