Questions about hair removal

Questions about hair removal

Q.How long will it take?
A.For the first time, it takes about 30 minutes by counseling only. It takes just 20 minutes for underarms hair removal, but it takes about 40 minutes for below knee on your both legs. If your hair thinner, it will take more time, because we have to use a high power hair removal machine. It takes time to charge the energy.

Q.How often do I have to take treatment?
A.Basically come once for two months until 3rd session. After that come once for 3 months or more, because no hair term will get longer every time. It’s effective if you have hair as much as darker, as possible as a lot.

Q.How many sessions I have to take treatment?
A.We can not say how many sessions you need, because there are big differences depend on the person. On the average to complete hair removal, it takes about 8 session for body parts, it takes about 12 times for the face. The face hair has strong life power normally.

Q.Do I have to shave my hair the day before take treatment?
A.Please shave yourself the day before you coming. If your skin is not so strong, you’d better to shave hair two days before taking treatment. To get back your skin good condition when you take treatment. We are going to shave body parts that you can not shave yourself, such as your back.
If you are plucking hair or waxing, there is no effect. Please visit our salon after one or more month since you stopped plucking hair or waxing.

Q.What happens if I get pregnant after 2 sessions or more?
A.There are some women who get hair more than before, because of the influence of hormonal unbalancing. Our treatment is effective, but thinking about this effect. It is up to you, but you may be better to stop treatment if you get pregnant.

Q.How long does it take for the whole back treatment?
A.It takes about 2 hours including shaving. If there are two staff or we can use high speed machine, it does not take so long time.

Q.I have a daughter junior/high school student. Can she take a treatment?
A.Of course, she can take treatment. However, because of the influence of the hormone unbalance, it is easy to to grow up hair.

Q. Does it hurt?
A. The pain depends on the amount of hair, the thickness, and the body part. Usually hitting ruby, it seems like a flickering pain. We would say “No pane, no gain”.

Q.After the hair removal completely, does the hair not growing forever? Is it possible to hair removal permanently forever?
A.Some people have hair again two years after hair removal is completed. Even after five years, there are people who do not have hair. We do not know when hair grows back again.

Q.I’m going to the hospital. Can I have hair removal treatment?
A.Please ask your doctor. Is there any possibility that prescription medication will cause light sensitivity? Is it a medicine to increase light sensitivity? Please check with your doctor and receive treatment.
The wavelength of our machines. Epilation: 600 to 950 nm, Facial: 530 to 950 nm

Q. Is there a English speaker?
A.Yes, the staff is going to explain in English. It is a man though. The only women who gives your treatment.

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