Makes your face slim by Lymphatic Facial Massage

Lymphatic Facial makes your face slim

Lymphatic Facial
Lymphatic facial is a treatment that adds pressure to lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, enhances the ability to collect waste products by shedding lymph fluid. Lymphatic facials have three main effects, including blood circulation promotion.
*Improvement of stain dullness
*Improvement of slack and swelling
*Makes face slim

Three different features from other Salon.

There are three major differences between the Esthetic salon HILO’s and other shop’s lymphatic facials.
(1)Treatment that does not damage skin surface
(2)Drains lymph with gentle pressure, based on anatomical physiology massage.
(3)Use the best organic oil according to your skin condition

Effect and Principle

About 60% of the human body is moisture circulating in the body. Because moisture is circulating, we can keep health. “Heart” and “blood vessel” are very important to circulate. As the blood circulates in the body, the water in the whole body is refreshed.
The blood vessel gradually becomes thin from the thick tube and finally becomes thinner than the hair. The blood leaves the capillary and finally delivers the ingredients to the cell. About 80% of the old water in the cell returns to the heart in a vein.
Twenty percent of the old moisture will be collected in the lymph vessel, not the vein. It is lymph fluid, passes through the lymph node with a filter to purify the waste, and finally returns to the vein.
If the lymphatic facial improves clogging of the lymph nodes and improves the flow of lymph, then waste products are recovered more. As a result, spots become thinner, swelling is eliminated, and it becomes a small face.

Flow of the treatment

Japanese Organic cosmetics
We are using Japanese organic cosmetics with all the treatment.
Because we uses organic cosmetics, we do not remove sebum membrane and indigenous bacteria of the skin. It is natural cosmetics that is not containing chemical ingredients.
The more you use our cosmetics for a long time, the more your skin will regain the original power.
1.Make off/Washing face

Oil makes float makeup and make off easier.

Make off your face with cleansing oil.
Wash your face with facial cleanser according to your skin quality.
We try do not off the sebum as much as possible, make your face clean.
2.Check your skin condition
Check the skin tone

Check the skin tone

Measuring moisture and tone color, we will tell you the condition of the skin and the order of the treatment. We decide the power of the flashing light.
3.Lymphatic massage

Massage from decollete to face

We will improve the clogging of lymph vessels and lymph nodes from the lymphatic system downstream, start from the decollete to face.
4.Face Pack & Head Massage
Organic 100% cotton mask

Organic 100% cotton mask

Depending on the condition of your skin, pack with milk or clay for 10 minutes to sedate or activate your skin. Head massage improves the flow of lymph and also improves slack in your face, during packing.
5.After care
After care

Finish with essence, cream or oil

We will use your lotion, serum essence, cream and etc to make your skin conditioned according to your skin condition and season.

Price list

12,000 JPY+Tax/session, 90min.(120min. when first time visit) for the time required, treatment time 60 min.,
We can propose packages if you need.

Frequency of take treatment

Depending on the condition of the lymphatic flow, once a week to once every two weeks. After two months when get back lymph flow, once a month.
*20 days after menstruation is best for the treatment day, from the viewpoint of female hormone.


Q. Do I have to bring something?
A. Please bring make up cosmetics. If you come to our salon in sunny daytime, please bring parasol or hat. If you ware Contact lenses and want to take those off during treatment, please bring those cases.

Q. Do I have to buy something?
A. Please tell us the cosmetics in use by counseling. If you need, we can tell you the difference between ours and your cosmetics. We will show you cosmetics for your skin condition. We sell products only if you wants.

Q.Can I take this treatment at the same time with photo facial?
A.We can not give you this treatment at the same time when you visit first time. But it possible, depend on your skin condition.

Treatments used in combination depending on the condition

A.To improve skin spots and wrinkles sagging: Photo Facial
B.Spots stains in the deep skin layer remain:Lymphatic Facial, Body Lymph Drainage, Head Massage.
C.Stress or poor circulation: Head massage, Far infrared mat, Warm animal law.