The capital city of Hawaii, HILO, we named it as our salon name.

The biggest island in Hawaiian islands is the Island of Hawaii. On Hawaii Island there are many power spots full of nature such as volcanoes, snowy mountains, waterfalls.
Esthetic salon HILO is a power spot for the women who live in Yokosuka.
We select the best staff; beauty machine, cosmetics, technique.
In the national competition, Esthetic Grand Prix, We are No.133 out of the 800 salons. Off cause No.1 Esthetic salon in Yokosuka city!

HILO is an Esthetic salon specializing in Hair Removal and Facial treatment.

Clinical Esthetic salon HILO's technology improves spots, wrinkle slack, swelling, that is, dryness of pores, unwanted hair.
Our salon HILO is a women-only salon, but if your partner wants, come together please.

Our organic cosmetics cleared the standards in the world highest level. We are using this organic cosmetics. The scent and color are all natural. People who has weak skin can take treatment also.
Inside the room of our salon, it smells natural aroma. We are waiting for you coming with a special smile.

Treatment course according to your skin condition.

Throughout the month, changes in the mind and body of women appear as changes in her skin. We will improve the condition of spots and pore opening appropriate to the symptoms of the skin by correct treatment method.
Also, we will treat the whole body as one, analyze the type of constitution and the type of disturbance of female hormone. We propose treatments to improve symptoms that appear on your skin.

Three reasons chosen from local customers.

1.Treatment that can explain effects properly.
Oriental beauty techniques tend to be magical, but recently scientific verification has progressed and many research papers have been announced. Among them, we incorporate reliable treatment methods and combine Western beauty treatment including beauty equipment. In order to eliminate the root cause and make it difficult for the disorder to recur, we believe that balancing the body, including immunity, hormones, and nerves, and regulating breathing are the most important factors from the body.
2.Trusting relationship is the starting point.
Have you experienced calming and healing with being gently touched by trusting people? This is because a hormone called oxytocin is secreted in the brain when touched by a person who forgave her mind. Oxytocin is also said to be a happy hormone, heals the brain's fatigue, loses uneasy feelings, stabilizes the spirit and resolves stress. If there is no relationship of trust with the customer, there is no result.
3. Explain from treatment to daily care.
Why is that treatment good? You can decide what you want after we explain the reason why. According to your request, we will advise on dairy care, centering on natural makeup. We will sell products only when there is a demand from customers who fully understand.