Pore clear, Head of the nose smoother!

The rough of the head nose, open pores.

“My nose skin gets rougher!”
“Realized that so many pores these days.”
“My nose pores are getting noticed.”
It is ultrasonic peeling that can solve those troubles.
After treatment

Three different features from other Salon.

Esthetic salon HILO use the iontophoresis machine which is gentle for your skin. Our machine is used at the clinic also. It’s made in Japan and it’s a patented machine.
1.Using the best model of the machines

We are using the best model of the machines so electric current & ultrasonic wave is the highest power.

2.Grooves of the nose and T zone will be clean

The highest model has a slim width probe. It can clean up to grooves.

3.Can take treatment who has sensitive skin

Because we uses non-chemical / organic staff, after the treatment you feels light and soft.

Japanese Organic cosmetics

Why this treatment is so effective?

We are using a machine called “skin scriber”. The highest model of the ultrasonic iontophoresis device.

It’s gentle for your skin but strong cleansing power
By the power of ultrasound, cleansing water make into the mist and mixed with make-up (oil). Dirty stuff in the pores is hard to fall off but this machine removes by the shovel scooping exercise.
Skin Scriber Clean Up Function

Clean Up by Skin scriber

skin scriber sample of water

sample of the dirty water after the treatment

before and after

sample of after one month took treatment every week

Treatment and Price

Flow of the treatment

Please take off every metal staff, such as accessories you wear, and lay down on the bed.

1.Make off/Washing face
Make off your face with cleansing oil.
Wash your face with facial cleanser according to your skin quality.
We try do not off the sebum as much as possible, make your face clean.
Washing face

Float the makeup with oil, then remove it.

2.Check your skin condition
Measure moisture and tone color.
We will tell you the condition of your skin and the treatment procedure.
Check tone color

Check the tone color.

3.Cleaning by Scriber
We will clean the skin of your skin with cleaning solution.
Especially clean the nose cleanly.
*You can check dirty stains with containers after the treatment.
Ultrasonic peeling and Iontophoresis

Cleaning by Scriber

4.After skin care
We put the best lotion and keep moisture depend on the skin reaction.
Please check your face by the mirror and you can make up if you want. There is UV milk and foundation on the make-up table.

Finish with essence/cream


1session 6,600JPY/ 3sessions 16,500JPY/ 6sessions 33,000JPY +Tax. 50min.(70min. when first time visit) for the time required, treatment time 35 min.,
We can propose packages if you need.

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    Body hair removalFace hair removalPhoto facialUltrasonic PeelingIontophoresisHerb Peeling

    Frequency of take treatment

    Once for every 2 weeks, in accordance with your skin turnover.
    *18 days after menstruation is best for the treatment day, from the viewpoint of female hormone.


    Q.Do I have to bring something?
    A.Please bring make up cosmetics. If you come to our salon in sunny daytime, please bring parasol or hat. If you ware Contact lenses and want to take those off during treatment, please bring those cases.

    Q.Do I have to buy something?
    A.Please tell us the cosmetics in use by counseling. If you need, we can tell you the difference between ours and your cosmetics. We will show you cosmetics for your skin condition. We sell products only if you wants.

    Q.Can I take this treatment at the same time with photo facial?
    A.We can not give you this treatment at the same time when you visit first time. But it possible, depend on your skin condition.

    Treatments used in combination depending on the condition

    A.For dry skin and darkness, small wrinkles and acne improvement: Iontophoresis
    B.To improve skin spots and wrinkles sagging: Photo Facial
    C.Spots stains in the deep skin layer remain:Lymphatic Facial, Body Lymph Drainage, Head Massage.
    D.Stress or poor circulation: Head massage, Far infrared mat, Warm animal law.