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acid water machine

Are you looking for alcohol to clean up your hands?

We took measures against coronavirus

In our room at Salon HILO Yokosuka, there is an special humidification equipment. Which suppresses airborne bacteria and cleans the air.

nano feel

Nano Feel

Alcohol: Pastrize 77 is used for hand disinfection.

Alcohol: Pastrize 77 is used for hand disinfection. It is made by a Japanese brewery maker. They have the only technique to make this kind of alcohol.



To maintain hygiene, we use it for two years.
Pastries 77 is an edible alcohol! We also use it at the entrance.




You can eat!!

We can make 2.5pH strongly acidic water from tap water.

At Esthetic HILO Yokosuka,
Not only large humidifiers and alcohol,
We also have a water regulator!

Not only alkaline water,
We san make strong acid water.
The Japanese latest medical equipment.

acid water machine

The Japanese latest medical equipment

Strongly acidic water is a sanitary water containing hypochlorous acid at 2.5 pH.
It’s going to kill bacteria!!
If you need it, We’ll give some to you. Please bring something bottle.

*We open Tue – Sat. Usually 10AM to 6PM.
If you could make an appt. we open until 9PM.

There are some available date in next week.

Available date in next week.

We can have one customer each date and time.

3rd(Tuesday)10AM, 1PM,3PM
4th(Wednesday)10AM, 1:30PM, 4PM
5th(Thursday)10AM, 1:30PM, 4PM
6th(Friday)10AM, 1:30PM
7th(Saturday)1:30PM, 4PM

Let’s enjoy this week too!
We are looking forward to seeing you.
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