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We have 100% natural Mouth wash

We have Oral Care Products made of 100% natural.

Japanese Biotech 100% Natural Oral Care Products!

ORALPEACE have three main features.

1. 100% natural ingredients

Oralpeace is the only mouse care product in this world that contains no preservatives.
It is a product exported all over the world including Europe!

2. Controls bacteria that cause bad breath, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Contains an ingredient called Oronaisin, which was researched and developed at Kyushu University Graduate School. This ingredient has been proven effective in controlling bacteria that can cause tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad breath.
The ingredient is made of plums, so if we drink it it is safe.

3. Easy to use without water.

Because it is a gel, it can be used comfortably in harsh environments where water cannot be used, such as mountains and outdoors! There is also a liquid type mouse spray.

Not only mountaineers, but the day of going to space will come soon.

>>More detail informations, please go to Oralpeace website

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